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Alan W. Hafiludin as Founder & Operation Director Syahdan Hidayat as Co-Founder & Creative Director M. Diva Aditya as Co-Founder & Finance Director
Website : http://wasto.co.id/ Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/wasto.id/ Mail : info@wasto.co.id/

About Us


WASTO is a social movement based on a digital platform, which invites people to turn plastic waste that damages the environment into something of value and economic value. With the concept of a circular economy, WASTO creates a new life cycle for all plastic packaging on the market, optimizing responsible waste collection and processing and recycling into useful products. With the process through this application, the sorted waste will be picked up at home by our collectors and then the sorted waste will be replaced with points reward or E-money.


Our Team


Alan W. Hafiludin

Founder & Operations Director

Alan has more than a decade of experience in the IT industry, especially in the startup world and accounting digitization. In addition, he is also an environmental activist in Batu City.

M. Diva Aditya

CoFounder & Finance Director

Diva is a graduate of Brawijaya University and the University of Southern Queensland, an accountant specializing in taxation and project management with more than three years of experience in Project Accounting in the digital agency business.

Syahdan Hidayat

CoFounder & Creative Director

Syahdan is a UI/UX Product Development Designer with more than 5 years of experience in the digital industry and is also a member of the Youth Economic Leadership Program.

Contact Us

Address : Griya Modern Estate blok B-21, Oro-oro Ombo Batu, East Java 65316

Call : +62811-366-7957 (Alan)