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Transform & elevate waste resources into new materials and valuable products
Koy Pichpunlue, Pov Panhapisey, Phon Sreyleak
Inspire others to utilize any waste resource in a similar fashion.

InsightChop's Overview


InsightChop is a company created by a team of environmentalist people that aims to use recycled chopsticks that was considered and known as waste by turn it into a new daily life products that start by collecting chopsticks from restaurants/household and transform into a new manufacture products made of chopsticks. Lastly those products will be distributed to our partners.


Transform & Elevate waste resources into new materials and valuable products.


Motivate and Inspire others to utilize any waste resources in a similar fashion/field.


Glass plates


Cutting boards




SDGs Impact

SDG 5 Gender Equality


InsightChop is an equal opportunity employer, and our hiring practices are free of discrimination due to age,gender or other preferences.

SDG 8 Decent Work & Economic Growth


As a new business, InsightChop contributes to this goal by creating additional employment opportunities to support is operation, and in turn contributing to the economic growth of the local community.

SDG 10 Reduced Inequalities


InsightChop aims to create a unique work environment composed of woodworkers, production workers, and office staff in an urban area. Traditionally, such woodworking jobs are not found in dense urban areas, so the creation of these jobs prevents woodworkers from having to move away from such desirable locations, therefore, reducing these inequalities.

SDG 11 Sustainable Cities And Communities


Our corporate office and microfactories provide a platform to engage the local community in sustainable environmental practices by reutilizing their waste. Collecting used chopsticks from local vendors creates a platform where InsightChop can educate the community on the circular economy.

SDG 12 Responsible Consumption & Production


InsightChop aims to reintroduce chopsticks to the economy as a value-added product thereby reducing the utilization of new raw materials.

SDG 15 Life on land


By reutilizing waste, InsightChop promotes the sustainable management of forests by not extracting raw virgin materials from the environment.

Core Members

  • Co-Founder of InsightChop. A young passionate man full of talents and experiences as an individual.
  • Role : Managing the company and forsee the future, Technician.
  • Characteristics: Extrovert, Easy-Going, Challenging and Social Virus.
  • Hobbies: Explore New Food Places and Encourage others to spend more money.
  • Major (Sophomore): BEI ( Business Entrepreneurship & Innovation) at NUMIC
  • Experiences in Digital Marketing and Production Manufacturing .
A reminder from Punlue: We all share the same world either be a part of solution or pollution. YOU DECIDE! πŸ˜‰

  • Partnership with InsightChop and is responsible for operating and assisting with technical process. An independent woman with dreams and goals.
  • Role: Operation Manager and Products Research
  • Characteristics: Ambivert, Easy-Going, Socially Awkward and reserved lady.
  • Hobbies: Cooking, Badminton and Explore the impossible.
  • Major (Sophomore): BEI ( Business Entrepreneurship & Innovation) at NUMIC
  • Experiences in managing digital content, administration and HR works.
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  • Co-founder of InsightChop
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I am a Kompot sea salt seller, bookseller (Hit me up if you need some (>_<), university student, a good sister, and daughter.

  • Role: Business Development
  • Characteristics: Extrovert, Easy-Going, Challenging, Ambitious and Funny.
  • Fun Fact: I am good at managing my money. believe me, I do XD
  • Hobbies: Competing in business competitions nationally and internationally to explore her own potential and always wanted to get rich.
  • Major (Sophomore): IBBA (International Business) at NUMIC
  • Experienced in: Sponsorships and partnerships, project coordinating, Social media Managing.
  • To know more about me please visit my LinkedIn profile here: let's get in touch.