A Sustainable & Integrated Aquaponic System
Amar Hisham Bahatim M Al Awwab Che Ahmad Syah Rizal Osman
We are developing a project of a closed loop and integrated aquaponic system. Aquaponic is a coined word from aquaculture and hydroponics. Hydroponics, as we know it, is a system to grow plants (mainly vegetables) using soilless system. Aquaculture is a system to grow aquatic living. When these two are combined, they complete each other. How do they do that? Aquatic living produce organic waste in the system and the water is being flowed into planting system. These plants will clean up the water by absorbing all the nutrients from aquatic waste. To integrate another sustainable solution to that, black soldier fly larvae is grown as feedstock for aquatic livings. In the future, we would like to have a energy usage transition from electricity generated by coal powered plant into renewable energy.