Custom Industrial Automation for Smaller Critical Industries (software & hardware)
Kai Chew, Yee Mun & Hui Ling
... is a cloud platform to help smaller Critical Industries, to build a custom industrial automation system 200x faster, with 1000+ pre-built templates based on our 10 years experience in supply chain management. We’re looking for market access opportunities and a business partner to reinvent our Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience workflow.

Introduction of Company (Business)

Our mission is to accelerate Industrial Revolution 4.0 for 1000 small manufacturers within 3 years, by providing them a platform to build a custom industrial automation system 200x faster and 10x cheaper. Where not many solutions from big vendors like IBM or SAP, existed for smaller manufacturers. Cannot meet requirements perfectly or are complex to adopt.

Introduction of Product / Service

Moopt is a cloud platform for critical industries to develop & deploy an industrial automation system fast. From network design to workforce scheduling. You can choose from over 1000 publicly available templates, to launch an app fast. No longer taken advantage by the overpriced vendors. Save money and time. All in a single platform.

In short, you can use our platform to customize an industrial automation system. Or, we can do it for you, both software and hardware.

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