Lifecycle Thinking

Dr. Joongwoo AHN

Assignment Instruction

  1. Please analyse your team's OWN business model.
  2. Self-study MET (Material, Energy, Toxicity) Matrix in the manner of flipped learning.
  3. Based on the life cycle stages given in the heading, fill the column with proper materials, energy, and toxicity in "your" process. If your process is too complex to handle, then just simplify it as you want.
  4. Be specific rather general not salt but sodium chloride.
  5. Be qualitative and quantitative as much as possible.

Worksheet. Lifecycle Matrix (Essential)

WS 03 MET Matrix sheet.docx148.0KB
WS 03 MET Matrix sheet.pdf162.1KB

Worksheet. Lifecycle Thinking of Diapers (Optional)

WS 05 Drawing Lifecycle Process of Diapers sheet.docx169.6KB
WS 05 Drawing Lifecycle Process of Diapers sheet.pdf113.7KB