SCP Business Cases

SCP Startup Founders

Assignment Instruction

  1. Watch SCP Startup Case Videos and look through the Startup Cases Booklet. Then, answer the questions on the worksheet below.
  2. There are no right or wrong answers, instead, write your thoughts and reflections!

Worksheet. SCP Business Cases

WS 05 SCP Business Case Study Worksheet_id.docx146.9KB
WS 05 SCP Business Case Study Worksheet_id.pdf171.7KB

Booklet. Startup Cases: Sustainable Consumption and Production

Startup Cases Sustainable Consumption and Production.pdf5591.5KB

SCP Startup Case Videos

1. Envelops

πŸ‘‡ SCP Startup Website

2. Art Impact Inc.

πŸ‘‡ SCP Startup Website

Case 3. The New Heroes

πŸ‘‡ SCP Startup Website

4. BigWalk

πŸ‘‡ SCP Startup Website