Dewi Meisari Haryanti

Dewi Meisari Haryanti


🎙️Introduction of the Coach


"Dewi Meisari Haryanti is an activist for social entrepreneurship, MSMEs, and cooperatives who dream of equitable distribution and inclusive economic growth for Indonesia.

With an academic background, she is actively teaching, researching, writing books, and carrying out community empowerment activities, especially MSMEs. Since 2016, together with two other cofounders, he has initiated, an online hub of licensing information, knowledge, and various business opportunities for MSMEs who are thriving to grow.

The copyright of has been registered in the name of the University of Indonesia and is now managed by a team under the Institute for Economic and Community Research (LPEM FEB UI), where she acts as Chief Editor.

In her academic journey, Dewi has written 2 books, namely "Dare to Be a Social Entrepreneur" (_Berani Jadi Wirausaha Sosial) and "Profit for Social Missions" (Profit untuk Misi Sosial). Both are written in Bahasa Indonesia, and the digital versions of which can be downloaded for free. Just _google_ the title."


IG: dewimeisari