Viringga Prasetyaji Kusuma

Viringga Prasetyaji Kusuma

AMATI Indonesia

🎙️Introduction of the Coach


"I have been interested in business since high school, it made me enter the business faculty at Brawijaya University - Indonesia. At University I became chairman of the business student association in Indonesia, we mobilize students from 22 business universities in Indonesia. After graduating, I worked at Astra International - Toyota (TAM) for about 7 years. During my work, I learned a lot about business organization and the concept of sustainability, it changed my mindset. I decided to leave TOYOTA, and founded a Waste Management company (Nara Synergy) and most recently I founded a company to support education-based Ecotoursim for youth and the community, namely AMATI Indonesia."

Instagram : @viringga.kusuma

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