Peter Seo

Peter Seo

Nory Inc.
Republic of Korea
Day 1, Day 2

Peter (Pillwon) Seo is a co-founder and CEO of NORY, an early childhood education program that runs the largest STEM camps for early childhood in NYC.

Prior to founding NORY, after graduating from Columbia University, he founded and ran a social venture called BRIDGE, to increase cross-sector collaboration in Korea. With his diverse experiences in the consulting, media, nonprofit and public finance industry in New York, Peter felt the need for an intermediary organization that connects resources to solve social problems in Korea, which sparked the launch of BRIDGE. During his tenure at BRIDGE, Peter was selected as BMW Foundation’s Global Fellow, representing South Korea.

Peter is a father to a 11 year old boy, who gave him insight into parenthood and helped ignite the passion to work to improve the early education sector through NORY.

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