Junghyun(Daniel) Kim

Junghyun(Daniel) Kim

Chief Strategic Director
Republic of Korea
Business Modeling / Pre E-learning Sustainable Business Mission / Day 0 Market and Customer Analysis / Day 1 Developing Business Solution / Day 1 MVP Prototyping / Day 2 Business Scale-up and Innovation / Day 2

🎙️Introduction of the Instructor


Mr. Jeonghyun Kim is the former CEO of Social Rocket, which is a social venture enterprise located in Incheon. He finished the Social Entrepreneur MBA at KAIST.

Social Rockets are conducting various consulting sessions to enter the global market for social ventures, connecting local distributors, connecting investment companies, and operating exhibitions and investment competitions. It is targeting the Malaysian, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Vietnamese markets and is establishing a global social funding platform (Headquarters in Singapore), making it easier for social projects to receive social funding in the future.

Mr. Jeonghyun Kim now serves as a chief strategic director of Pablo Air.