ASEAN Sustainable
Business Coach Training (TOT)

Startup analysis, lecture series on corporate sustainability (ESG),
sustainable business model development,
market, and customer needs analysis, investment, etc.

  1. 1Certificates issued by the host and co-hosts (MSS of the Republic of Korea (ROK), Participating ASEAM focal ministries) and organizers
  2. 2Opportunity to act as a coach to Ecothon 2023
Overview of TOT 2021-2022
Year Overview
2021 25 local business coaches from 5 AMS trained
(Cambodia 5, Lao PDR 5, Indonesia 6, Malaysia 6, Philippines 6)
2022 46 local coaches from 7 AMS trained, of which 32 participated in Ecothon
(Cambodia 8, Indonesia 7, Lao PDR 5, Malaysia 7, Myanmar 9, Philippines 6, Vietnam 4) 
TOT Programme
TOT Process
Ecothon Coach Orientation

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