• Online Live Courses

    Online orientation

    Online live course involving lecture
    series on eco-friendly
    entrepreneurship and business
    model development

  • Mentoring Sessions

    For Each Participating Team Provided By
    Business Experts

    Support consolidating business model and strategies and advisory on IR document

  • Demoday by Countries

    Demo day, IR pitching, and awards ceremony

  1. 1Receive quality training, coaching, and mentoring from business experts from Korea and Asia-Europe countries
  2. 2Certificates issues by the host, co-hosts and organizers
  3. 3Prize money to winning teams: 1st Prize (1,500,000 KRW), 2nd Prize (1,000,000 KRW), 3rd Prize (500,000 KRW)
  4. 4Support to participating in the ROK-ASEAN SDGs Business Model Competition (BMC), the COMEUP Global Startup Festival (1st Prize money), and/or other regional and global networking events
  5. 5Inclusion in the Ecothon Alumni Network and ASEAN-wide networking
Overview of Ecothon 2019-2022
2019 Ecothon pilot

(Cambodia's 4 Project & startup teams trained)
2020 Ecothon

(3 AMS participated with 30 project & startup teams trained)
Cambodia Cambodia Lao PDR Myanmar
2021 Ecothon

(5 AMS participated with 59 project & startup teams and 25 coaches trained)
Cambodia Lao PDR Indonesia Malaysia Philippines
2022 Ecothon

(6 AMS participated with 69 project & startup teams)
4-5, 7 Oct.
(3 days, Hybrid)
17-19, Aug.
(3 days, Hybrid)
27-29, Jul.
(3 days, Online)
3-5, Aug.
(3 days, Online)
9-10, 12 Aug.
(3 days, Hybrid)
Viet Nam
12-14, Oct.
(3 days, Online)
Ecothon Programme : Group 1
Ecothon Programme : Group 2
Mentoring Session

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